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Payroll System Procedure Menu

The latest version of the Payroll System Procedure menu by Legler Systems in CA identifies 22 separate payroll (PR) computer procedures plus three database procedures (92, 94 and 96) common to all accounting applications. The online accounting procedures the user can run is specified in the User Control Record (DB08). Each user procedure shown on the PR menu corresponds to a separate computer program.

A sample Payroll System procedure menu screen is shown below and followed by a definition of each PR user procedure. When only the System-ID (e.g. "PR") is entered on any application menu, the Payroll System Menu (screen image shown below) is displayed. Any payroll accounting procedure is started at any time from the Payroll System Menu by entering a 2-digit procedure number or single-click on the procedure name with the mouse.

PR01 - Enter Labor Detail Record:

Data entry procedure PR01 is used to enter the number of hours an employee worked by Hours code and any special one-time dollar deductions. Computer procedure PR01 is done daily or weekly. Procedure PR01 can dynamically link to procedure PR11 when function key F7 is pressed. To view a sample Labor Detail Record screen, click PR01 screen image.

PR02 - Print Labor Edit Report:

Reporting procedure PR02 prints the Labor Edit Report to verify the correctness of payroll entries made in online procedure PR01 for the current payroll period. The Labor Edit Report (PR02) is printed for a specific payroll Group Code. A separate Labor Edit Summary report by Hour code and Dollar code can be requested and printed when the Entry Correct prompt equals "S".

PR03 - Print Hours Distribution Report:

Reporting procedure PR03 prints the Hours Distribution Report showing labor hours worked by job number and expense account code for management review. The Hours Distribution Report (PR03) can be printed by job number or Location code. A separate Hours Distribution Summary report by GL account code, job code, Location code and Hour code can be requested and printed when the Entry Correct prompt equals "S".

PR04 - Calculate Payroll Amounts:

Update procedure PR04 calculates payroll gross pay, state and federal payroll taxes, and net pay for each employee. The Payroll Calculation Report (PR04) is printed to summarize the results of these payroll calculations for audit documentation. Also, the results are stored in the Payroll Period Record (PR04) for each employee and payroll period for reference by other payroll procedures.

PR05 - Print Payroll Checks:

Reporting procedure PR05 prints payroll checks with stub for each employee for direct mailing to employees. The payroll check stub identifies the gross hours and dollars, as well as the dollar amount of each deduction from gross pay. Check Records (CR01) are automatically written into the Check Reconciliation System by procedure PR05 when payroll checks are printed.

PR06 - Print Payroll Register:

Reporting procedure PR06 prints the Payroll Register identifying all hour and dollar amounts affecting each employee in the current payroll period and year-to-date. The Payroll Register (PR06) is printed for one employee or a group of employees by Location code. A separate Payroll Register Summary report by Hour code and Dollar code can be requested and printed when the Entry Correct prompt equals "S". To view a sample of the PR06 screen prompts and report with summary, click PR06 screen.

PR07 - Print General Payroll Report:

Reporting procedure PR07 prints the General Payroll Report to select up to five Hour codes or Dollar codes as column headings for any payroll period range entered by the user. The General Payroll Report (PR07) is printed for one employee.

PR08 - Adjust Prior Payroll:

Update procedure PR08 adjusts hours or dollar amounts by employee in the Payroll Period Record. Adjustments are entered in procedure PR01 with a Pay code of "A" and then processed by procedure PR08. The Payroll Adjustment Report is printed for audit documentation.

PR09 - Post Payroll to GL System:

Update procedure PR09 posts the payroll accounting information to the General Ledger System by accounting period (YRMO) and prints the Payroll Posting Report. General Journal Records (GL01) are created in the GL System summarizing total dollar amounts by GL account code when the final Payroll Posting Report (PR09) is printed. The Payroll Posting Report (PR09) should be filed with the company's financial papers for audit documentation.

PR10 - Inquire Employee History:

Inquiry procedure PR10 displays hours and dollars for a specific employee showing the reported labor hours from PR01 and pay hours from Payroll Period Records (PR04). This user procedure can be run at any time to display employee information. To view a sample of the PR10 screen prompts and output display, click PR10 screen.

PR11 - Enter Employee Master Record:

Data entry procedure PR11 is used to add new employees or change employee information, such as employee address, tax status, gross pay, etc. This information is stored in the Employee Master Record (PR11) and is shown on payroll reports. Procedure PR11 can dynamically link to data entry procedure DB17 when function key F7 is pressed. To view a sample Employee Master Record screen, click PR11 screen image.

PR12 - Print Employee Master List:

Reporting procedure PR12 prints the Employee Master List of active and terminated employees as entered in online procedure PR11. The Employee Master List (PR12) identifies all employee deduction codes that appear on the employee payroll checks printed by procedure PR05. To lookup an employee number, the Employee Master List should be sorted by employee name (Alpha-sort) or name initials.

PR13 - Print Annual IRS W-2 Forms:

Reporting procedure PR13 prints the annual IRS W-2 forms and W-3 Transmittal Statement identifying gross wages paid to employees during the calendar year. A copy of the annual IRS W-2 form is given to the employee. Copies of the annual IRS W-2 forms should be filed with the company's financial papers for audit control. Computer procedure PR13 is run once a year. A separate IRS W-3 Transmittal Summary report can be requested and printed.

PR14 - Load Payroll Tax Rates File:

Update procedure PR14 is run once a year to load the current federal payroll income tax withholding rates, as well as the California payroll tax rates. The PRS Tax Rates Control Report (PR14) is printed to document to current year tax rates for audit documentation. Computer procedure PR14 is run once a year or whenever the state and federal tax withholding rates change.

PR15 - Print Vacation Accrual Report:

Reporting procedure PR15 prints the Vacation Accrual Report identifying vacation hours earned and taken by each employee. The current vacation balance (hours) is shown in the Vacation Accrual Report (PR15). A separate Vacation Accrual Summary report by employee can be requested and printed when the Entry Correct prompt equals "S".

PR16 - Purge Old PR Records:

Update procedure PR16 deletes old Labor Detail Records (PR01), old Payroll Period Records (PR04) and inactive Employee Master Records (PR11) from the online database or prints only records counts by year. The Purge Control Report (PR16) is printed for audit documentation and includes record counts and the elapsed run time in seconds. Only supervisory personnel should perform this procedure.

PR17 - Print Payroll Distribution Report:

Reporting procedure PR17 prints the Payroll Distribution Report of labor expense by GL account code. GL account code totals in the Payroll Distribution Report (PR17) should balance to those in the Payroll Posting Report (PR09). A separate Payroll Distribution Summary report by GL account code can be requested and printed when the Entry Correct prompt equals "S".

PR18 - Print Employer Quarterly Reports:

Reporting procedure PR18 is used to print quarterly IRS 941, Schedule B of 941, and the annual IRS 940 form. Also, California DE-6 form reflecting employer payroll taxes can be printed. Copies of the IRS 941 form, Schedule B form, IRS 940 form and California DE-6 form should be filed with the company's financial papers for audit control. Computer procedure PR18 is run every quarter.

PR92 - Redefine System Printer:

Redefine system printer procedure PR92 allows the user to redefine where payroll reports are to be printed. If a disk file is specified, the report is written to disk from which it is displayed in a pop-up report window (92V) and then printed on paper by pressing function key F9. The computer program associated with procedure PR92 is the same for all accounting modules. Computer procedure PR92 can be done at any time.

PR94 - Search PR System:

Search procedure PR94 is used to search the PR System for any dollar amount, code or text in the last x months and display a screen of the search results along with the database record counts searched and found. The computer program associated with search procedure PR94 is the same for all accounting modules. This procedure can be started at any time to lookup payroll and employee information.

PR96 - Inquire Latest PR Changes:

Inquiry procedure PR96 display a list of the latest Labor Detail Records (PR01) or Employee Master Records (PR11) in descending chronological sequence by date and time. The computer program associated with procedure PR96 is the same for all accounting modules. This online procedure can be started at any time to identify the most recent changes in the PR System.

PR99 - End PR menu:

Exit procedure PR99 closes the Payroll System Menu and displays the main Financial Menu. To switch directly to another accounting application, just enter the System-ID plus procedure number, such as CR01, rather than PR99.

More Information on the PR Software:

The PRS Procedure Manual provides complete written user documentation of over 200 pages on all accounting procedures of the online Payroll software by Legler Systems. In addition to the written documentation, the online Help File of all text and error messages (displayed in the Help Message Window when the F1 key is pressed) is included with the PRS executable programs.

For additional information on the PR software and a free demo on USB flash drive for any version of Microsoft Windows, e-mail Bill Legler in the SF Bay Area, California or go to the Payroll System main page.

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