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Accounting Software Price Sheet - Version 11.8

The latest online business accounting applications by Legler Systems Company cost only $495 each for up to 10 concurrent users (signed-on at the same time), with no monthly or annual maintenance fees. Additional concurrent users can be purchased in groups of 10 for just $50. This one-time cost includes: (1) pc executable programs for a single desktop personal computer (or laptop pc) or client/server environment, (2) online Help File, (3) Procedure Manual of 200+ pages for each accounting system and (4) key support files pre-configured to the client's hardware. These pc executable programs (32-bit) run in a Command Prompt window under any version of MS Windows from Windows 3.1 (16-bit) to Windows 10 (64-bit) on any file server, standalone desktop pc with compact disk or USB flash drive for optimum performance flexibility. A special Database Control System developed by Legler Systems is required to support one or more of the accounting applications and costs only $250. The individual online accounting applications developed by Legler Systems are identified in the Business Accounting Software Overview document.

The online Help File (an indexed file) contains written text about all data fields, report parameter options, error messages and warning messages. These help messages are displayed in a separate Help Window whenever function key F1 is pressed. The help text source files are included with the software, so changes to the help text can be easily made by the client's staff using any text editor and then reloaded using online procedure DB11.

Free telephone and e-mail support is included with the Legler accounting software. Local on-site installation support and user training up to one day per module is provided in Alameda County, Contra Costa County and other counties in Northern California. Additional days of on-site support are available at standard billing rates. Travel and per diem costs outside the San Francisco Bay Area are billed at cost.

The proper functioning of our software is guaranteed for a period of one year after installation and we will correct any program error at no extra cost. System maintenance support beyond the first year is extended automatically with future software upgrades (optional).

For larger organizations, the structured ANSI COBOL source programs and associated copy members are available for additional one-time cost of $1,650 per accounting application (about $85 per source program) and includes a technical Systems Manual of 100+ pages on each accounting application. Any COBOL compiler is required to generate executable programs from the source programs for a specific computer hardware and operating environment. The cobol source programs have been revised to be compatible with most 32-bit COBOL compilers, such as Micro Focus Net Express. The latest COBOL compiler from Micro Focus generates 64-bit executable programs with the P64 compiler directive for execution under MS Windows 10 or Linux.

We are always willing to revise the basic accounting software to meet any special business needs and requirements the client might have at either a small fixed fee or an hourly rate.

If you have any questions or want to discuss any special requirements or would like to receive a free working demo for Windows XP or Windows 7 or Windows 10, e-mail Bill Legler in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

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