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EDXREF - Cross-Reference Dictionary Program

The EDXREF program prints a sorted cross-reference dictionary of Event Driven Language (EDL) source code identifying the statement number where all data names and labels are referenced. The listing can be directed to the terminal or printer. This utility program assists programmers in developing and maintaining applications written for the IBM Series/1 computer.

The EDXREF program is written in the Event Driven Language (EDL) and runs under the EDX operating system associated with the IBM Series/1 computer.

The EDXREF program supports the following operator commands:

  1. PS - List cross-reference of symbols only
  2. PA - List source program plus PS
  3. PL - List cross-reference of labels and data names only
  4. PN - List source programs plus PL
  5. DP - Direct listing to printer
  6. DT - Direct listing to terminal
  7. EN - End EDXREF program.
The EDXREF utility program costs only $95 (US) plus shipping and handling ($25) and includes the EDL source code on 8" diskette.
For information on this program or EDX support and programming services, e-mail Bill Legler or go to the EDX Utility Programs Overview page.
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