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EDXPC - Download File to PC Program

The EDXPC program downloads a source text file from the IBM Series/1 computer to a personal computer (pc) connected to the Series/1. Letters, numbers and special characters are supported, however binary and packed data fields must be converted to display format prior to downloading. The EDXPC program is loaded from a pc attached to the Series/1 and prompts the operator for the name of the text file to be displayed (transferred). The pc runs in a Terminal Session under Windows to transfer data displayed on the screen to a disk file in ASCII format.

The EDXPC program is written in the Event Driven Language (EDL) and runs under the EDX operating system associated with the IBM Series/1 computer.

The EDXPC program supports the following operator commands:

  1. TF - Transfer source edit file by displaying it on the pc.
  2. TP - Transfer any disk file by displaying it on the pc. The operator is prompted for the record length, block size, beginning record number and number of record to transfer.
  3. EN - End EDXPC program.
The EDXPC utility program costs only $95 (US) plus shipping and handling ($25) and includes the EDL source code on 8" diskette.

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