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EDXDMP - Disk Record Dump Program

The EDXDMP program prints a formatted list in hex or character mode of disk, diskette, and tape records. A 'find' capability allows the operator to locate records to print based upon a numeric data value or a text string. The listing can be directed to the terminal or printer. This utility program assists programmers in developing and maintaining applications written for the IBM Series/1 computer.

The EDXDMP program is written in the Event Driven Language (EDL) and runs under the EDX operating system associated with the IBM Series/1 computer.

The EDXDMP program supports the following operator commands:

  1. MC - Mode is character (text)
  2. MH - Mode is character and hex
  3. DP - Direct listing to printer
  4. DT - Direct listing to terminal
  5. DF - Define Input File (device type, record size and block size)
  6. PT - Print file records
  7. FC - Find character string and print (string up to 14 characters)
  8. FD - Find data and print (data value and type of byte, word or double word)
  9. PE - Print edit file without line numbers
  10. EN - End EDXDMP program.
For commands PT, FC and FD, the operator is prompted for the beginning record number and number of records to print or display on the terminal.

The EDXDMP utility program costs only $95 (US) plus shipping and handling ($25) and includes the EDL source code on 8" diskette.

For information on this program or EDX support and programming services, e-mail Bill Legler or go to the EDX Utility Programs Overview page.
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