Delinquent Account Notice

Action Computer and Toner Supply Inc. (A.C.T.S.) in Milpitas, California is delinquent in the payment of five old vendor invoices totaling $2,090. These past due invoices cover professional services associated with the installation of new accounting software in 2009 at both A.C.T.S. and The Very Last Word companies. Customer sales data was converted from Peachtree to support online access by the new Legler Order Entry System.

Mr. Oz Niazi, former owner and CEO of Action Computer and Toner Supply Inc. and The Very Last Word Inc. has said repeatedly "I will pay you, for sure."; yet, no payment has been received as of today. These unpaid invoices are still outstanding and past due. Apparently, Mr. Ozkan Niazi does not mean what he says. Additionally, Mr. Oz Niazi is duplicitous in that this liability was never disclosed to the new owner of Action Computer & Toner Supply.

For additional details about this past due and delinquent account, please contact Bill Legler at or by phone at (925) 254-1264 (Pacific Standard Time).

The Very Last Word Incorporated:

The Very Last Word Inc. is a subsidiary of Action Computer & Toner Supply Inc. and is also located at 1310 Piper Drive in the city of Milpitas. Phone number is (408) 946-8407.

Action Computer and Toner Supply Incorporated:

The SF Bay Area address of A.C.T.S. is 1310 Piper Drive, Milpitas, CA 95035. Telephone number is (408) 946-8407. The new CEO, Mr. Pasha Quadri, is refocusing the business for growth in this slow economy.

Revision 6.2013